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Intrack - GPS Vehicle Tracking System

What is GPS
INTRACK GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Tracking Benefits
Features-INTRACK Hardware
Features- INTRACK Application
Key Benefits
Basic Reports

What is GPS

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) developed by the United States Department of Defense and managed by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. It is the only fully functional GNSS in the world, can be used freely by anyone, anywhere, and is often used by civilians for navigation purposes. It uses a constellation of between 24 and 32 medium Earth orbit satellites that transmit precise radiowave signals, which allow GPS receivers to determine their current location, the time, and their velocity. Its official name is NAVSTAR GPS.

Since it became fully operational on April 27, 1995, GPS has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide, and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce, scientific uses, tracking and surveillance, and hobbies such as geocaching. Also, the precise time reference is used in many applications including the scientific study of earthquakes and as a required time synchronization method for cellular network protocols such as the IS-95 standard for CDMA.

INTRACK GPS Vehicle Tracking System

A GPS receiver receives information from these satellites and uses it to locate itself. GPS works best in open environments, with an accuracy of a few meters under good conditions.

GPS tracking with INENS is based on GPS receivers that have a connection to the Internet so that they can transmit their position information to a intrack Server. Common objects to track include persons, vehicles, animals and valuable assets.

To be able to track an object you need a GPS device with an Internet connection, access to a Intrack Server and a web browser. This is depicted below:

System Architecture

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The process of tracking an object can be simplified to three steps:

1. Locating the object: This is done by placing a GPS on the object. There are mobile phones with built-in GPS, small GPS devices dedicated for personal tracking, fixed mount GPS devices for vehicle tracking, etc. As long as the GPS is turned on its position information is constantly updated, so “it knows where it is”.

2. Sending the objects position information to a server: By connecting the GPS to the Internet it's position information can be sent to a Intrack Server in real time. This is usually done over GPRS in a mobile network using a standard mobile subscription or over a satellite communication link in areas without mobile network coverage. A dedicated GPS tracking device has both a GPS and a mobile subscription or satellite module built in for this purpose. Other devices with an Internet connection, such as mobile phones, PDAs or laptops can of course also be used as clients.

3. Reporting the objects position: When the objects position has been sent to the INTRACK Server it can be seen in a web browser. Security settings define who can see what. Depending on the user needs the objects position can be shown on a map in real time, sent as emails or SMS. Historical reports can be created showing track history, alerts can be triggered on object behaviour, etc. There are additional things to consider in this process, such as; security around who should be able to see what objects; historical track storage and retrieval; management of operator roles; etc. These are issues that are handled by the GpsGate platform.

Vehicle Tracking Benefits
  • A GPS fleet tracking system in your business will greatly benefit it.
  • Business owners will see increased profits and reduced down-time.
  • Dispatchers and drivers will experience increased efficiency and less hassle.

GPS Features

Owner Benefits

Driver/Vehicle Benefits

Dispatcher Benefits

Real Time Reporting

Timely and accurate information to manage your business

Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers

No customer discrepancies or false accusations

Precise job time-performance verification

Time sheets are accurate to the minute

Timely and accurate information to route and manage employees

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use

Vehicle/driver accountability Reduce cell phone calls to drivers

Vehicle Mapping

Increase productivity

Improve response times

Reduce phone calls to drivers

Gain control over company assets

Verifies whereabouts

Accurate job performance information

Accurate log of stops

Avoid traffic jams and improve response times

Timely and accurate information to route and manage employees

Deploy vehicles with greater speed and efficiency

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use

Pre-Set Alerts

Reduce down-time 

Increase productivity

Minimize liability

Driver/Asset accountability

Precise job performance tracking

Instant reporting of service orders or deliveries

Better Communications

Reduce employee overtime pay

Eliminate unapproved or extended journeys

Route Information

Increase efficiency

Increase profits

Lower fuel costs

Reduce cell phone calls to drivers

Real-time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times

Validates hours worked

Verify if service call was made or attempted 

Verifies whereabouts

Deploy vehicles with greater speed and efficiency

Accurately predict arrival times or delays

Faster customer response time

Decrease overtime

Improve driver accountability

Unauthorized Zone Alerts

Reduce liability

Increase efficiency

Reduce labor costs

Increased profitability

Eliminate false accusations

Increase efficiency

Reduce labor costs

Increase employee accountability

Automated Vehicle Locator

Reduce Liability

Lower Insurance Costs

Gain control over company assets

Accurate job performance information

Accurate log of stops 

Reduce paperwork

Real-time vehicle location information

Improve response time

Reduce customer complaints

Online Account Access

24/7 account access from any online location (Internet)

24/7 connection to HQ

24/7 account access from any online location (Internet)

Additional Benefits

Increase efficiency

Increase profits

Precise work-production feedback

Provides verifiable tracking of employees productivity 

Notifications of special occurrences

Features - Vehicle Mounted Unit

GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Equipped with SIEMENS GSM Module
  • Latest Sirf III GPS Chipset
  • High GPS and GSM Sensitivity
  • Send Position via defined Routers
  • Programmable Auto Report
  • Built in Battery Backup
  • Compact Tamper proof design
  • Brushed finish aluminium casing

Features - Intrack Application

GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Fully web based - works with any modern web browser
  • View entire vehicle locations on one screen
  • Integrated with Maps
  • Customized Landmarks
  • Improve dispatching efficiencies
  • Reduce phone calls made to drivers’ cell phones
  • Monitor vehicle speeds
  • Replay of recorded track
  • Real Time Tracking with AUTO REFRESH
  • All reports can be saved in Excel (Spread Sheet )

Key Benefits

  • Increased Employee Productivity
    Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers. Key vehicle management reports such as Location Report, Daily Report and Hours Worked Report give you control.
  • Eliminated Excess Over Time
    Eliminate false timesheet claims with detailed real time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times as well as recorded idling and extended stops.Time sheets are accurate to the minute!
  • Reduced Fuel Costs
    Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys.
  • ImprovedCustomer Service - Faster Response Time
    Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays.
  • Reduced overspending and accidents
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced Private Use
    Fleet Watch-Box Alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours.
  • Reduced Phone Bill
    Constant real-time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers.
  • Increased Fleet and Workforce Security
    With real-time GPS vehicle tracking, FleetMatics gives you peace of mind knowing that your fleet vehicles are always monitored.

Basic Reports

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